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The MIND Institute

The MIND (Music Intelligence Neural Development) Institute ST Music + Math Program combines music keyboarding with technological and conceptual skills to increase children’s ability to think and create. The program is designed to use music as a bridge to build a better understanding of math reasoning. It allows children to build upon their areas of strength and increase vocabulary and mathematical reasoning ability. Mabel Paine participates in this innovative program developed Dr. Gordon Shaw, from the University of California Irvine, along with other research scientists. Dr. Shaw’s research on music and brain function made headlines in 1993 as the co-discoverer of the “Mozart Effect”. His findings suggest that music training increases the ability to achieve success in math. Years of research by MIND Institute scientists have proven that music can enhance how we think and create through spatial temporal reasoning. This spatial temporal reasoning is crucial in the areas of math and science.

ST Music – First through fourth grade students take part in weekly enrichment piano keyboard lessons. Using grant funds , the school has established a piano keyboard lab for this purpose. Our PTA has made it possible to hire a part time music teacher for this program. Continuation of the ST Music component is dependent upon the availability of continued funding by our PTA.

ST Math – Kindergarten through fifth grade students take part in weekly math instruction in the computer lab. Students work with specialized computer software in a game format to develop problem-solving skills. The program is aligned to the California Mathematics Content Standards. It develops math reasoning, trains students in multi-step problem-solving through visualization, and benefits students at every proficiency level. Children move through the math levels at their own pace and all children, from those with learning disabilities to those who are gifted and talented are showing dramatic gains in understanding of complex math concepts after using this program. Teachers can also have their students access the math program from classroom computers to provide additional time for practicing these skills.

The program is available to only a few schools in the district and across the state. This is due to its initial high cost of implementation. The school would like to recognize the Mabel Paine PTA for their foresight and dedication in providing the funding for this program. The PTA continues to fund the annual renewal cost to provide the ST Math Program to the children of Mabel Paine. If you are interested in learning more about the research or background behind the MIND Institute ST Math + Music Programs or would perhaps enjoy trying out some of the games that the children play in this program, please visit the MIND website.