Parking Lot Rules

There is no meeting or deadline that is worth jeopardizing the safety of our children. Drop-off and pick-up times at Mabel Paine can become congested. Please observe the legal rules of the road and the Mabel Paine traffic policy. Do not leave your car unattended along the red or yellow zones or in the drive-through lanes. If you need to get out of your car, please park in a designated spot in the parking lot or on the street. Children should wait on school property (not on the sidewalk) to be picked up. Be considerate to other drivers and pedestrians and set a good example for the students.

For safety reasons, the OC Sheriff’s Department recommends that students are to use the crosswalk at parking lot exit ONLY. When crossing Plumosa Drive, students must use the crosswalk. Students are instructed not to cross if the crossing guard or other authorized personnel are not present. Parents are asked to set a good example by not crossing the parking lot except at designated cross-walk points.

For your information, the OC Sheriff’s Department will be issuing tickets for all school parking lot violations.