PTA Welcome Message

Welcome Back Mabel Paine Families,
While we know that this year isn't how we all imagined it would start, we want to make sure that when we do go back to school that we still have the resources to enable our students to have the activities and events they have grown to love and look forward to!! While there will be some changes and modifications to what we do this year, we hope it will still be fun and memorable but we can't do anything without parent support! Your support can mean volunteering your time (either at the event, behind the scenes or serving on the board), making a monetary donation or support our various fundraisers-some of which don't cost you anything!!
When you picked up your materials last week you should have had a PTA info packet included. In that packet was information on how to become a PTA member as well as a PTA activities permission slip. Please fill out both and return to school by either mailing it to Mabel Paine, or dropping it off in the pta basket just outside the office (the box will be checked throughout the day-but will not be left out overnight), so please drop off before 4:30pm.
We will also have a PTA box with PTA flyers at the pick up times on Friday, so please look for that box in addition to your child teacher's box!
You can also sign up to be a member online. Please note- if you wish to make a donation ($25+ level) we would prefer check or cash as we have to pay a fee on the donation and cash or check would ensure your entire donation stays with Mabel Paine!!!
Thank you for your support and please email if you have any questions!!
Mabel Paine PTA
4444 Plumosa Dr.
Yorba Linda, CA 92886