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Arrival & Dismissal Procedures

Mindful Mustang students and parents agree to be SAFE and COURTEOUS in the parking lot. Follow the signs, painted curbs, and directions of parent volunteers and school personnel to ensure the safety of our students.

Beginning the first day of school, the horseshoe lot at the north end of campus will ONLY be used by school buses and Preppy K and SDC parents at arrival and dismissal times. In this lot, only use the valet lane closest to the school (NOT the interior part of the horseshoe). ALL other students should be dropped off AND picked up using the yellow-lined valet lane in the main parking lot. Parents must give buses the right of way in this lot.

No parking is allowed along red curbs at any time and parents may not leave their vehicles in either valet line. There is no parking or leaving cars unattended in the valet lanes at any time. Please stay in your car, pull all the way forward to the front of the yellow-lined valet lane as space becomes available, and load or unload your students safely. In addition, all students are required to exit automobiles from the passenger side only. Park in the surrounding neighborhoods to walk your child onto or off of campus at the Kiss & Go areas. Parents who walk to pick up their children may do so at the steps of the MPR at the front of campus. Here is a helpful map of our arrival/dismissal procedure.

For safety reasons, the OC Sheriff’s Department recommends that walking students and families use crosswalks ONLY. See the map linked above for the locations of our crosswalks. When crossing Plumosa Drive, students must use the crosswalk with the crossing guard. Parents and staff are asked to set a good example by not crossing the parking lot except at designated crosswalk points.

No Stopping 7 to 8 AM, 2 to 3 PM School DaysDue to traffic stoppages on Plumosa Drive during school arrival and dismissal times, the City of Yorba Linda has added No Stopping 7:00-8:00 A.M. and 2:00-3:00 P.M. signs on both sides of Plumosa. Parents are also asked to turn right only when exiting the main lot. The OC Sheriff’s Department will issue tickets for all school and community parking violations.