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Health Services

Health & Emergency Procedures

Other than minor scratches, bumps, etc., you will be notified promptly if your child becomes ill (with a temperature at or exceeding 100 degrees) or is injured at school. Please keep your emergency information up-to-date on your Aeries Parent Portal. It is the parent’s responsibility to keep this information current.

If your child is sent home with a fever, he/she must stay home until their temperature remains below 100 degrees, without the use of fever reducing medications. He/She may return to school when they are fever free for 24 hours.

Lice: If a student is found to have lice, he/she must go home, be treated, and be lice-free before returning to school. Upon returning to school, the child is to be rechecked by office staff before he/she can return to the classroom. If you have any questions regarding district policy and/or treatment you may contact PYLUSD Health services at (714) 986-7170.

Medication Administration

Proper medication forms must be completed before medication can be administered at school. ALL medications for your child, both prescribed and over the counter, require a special form to be completed and signed by both the parent and physician before authorized staff can administer them. Verbal permission and prescription orders are not acceptable. For further information, contact the school office or refer to the Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District's Parent Information Packet. Note that parents are to bring medication to school in prescription bottle only or in original containers, along with clearly written instructions regarding its use. Dose, frequency, duration, and side effects are to be provided on the form by the physician. Students are not to bring the medication to the office; only parents. These regulations are formulated to protect all children. There is no school nurse on campus. Our district nurse spends time at many schools and the district’s health center. She helps in providing vision, hearing, and scoliosis screening and in assisting classroom teachers with children with special needs. We do have a Health Clerk who is here four days per week. She can be reached by calling 986-7210 x49042. If you need nursing assistance and health guidance, you may also call our district’s Health Services Department at 986-7170.

Accidents/Medical Insurance

PYLUSD does not provide accident/medical insurance, or reimbursements for school-related injuries. Students participating in interscholastic sports are required by state law to have medical insurance. A variety of affordable insurance plans are available to help you in the event of an accident, and the school district urges you to purchase a plan that best fits your needs. Even if you have medical insurance, these plans can help with out-of-pocket expenses, such as deductibles and/or co-payments. Carefully read the plan information in the following link. You may also use this link to enroll online (www.myers-stevens.com). A printed copy of the Myers-Stevens enrollment application is also available in the Risk Management Department.