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Reading is absolutely central to school, and the Mabel Paine school library and media center serve as a support to each child’s literacy development. All students Kindergarten – 5th grade are scheduled to visit the library weekly. Students are encouraged to select books of personal interest in both the fiction and non-fiction genres. The school library also serves as a support to classroom areas of study and teachers often assign reading or research to further support those areas.

Students are responsible for books or periodicals they check out and are held financially liable for materials that are lost while checked out to them. The school would much rather have the books returned, however, than “fine” the student or family. We encourage students and their families to be careful of these resources and to look very diligently should they become lost. Financial support for school libraries has dwindled dramatically in the last few years and our library is always in need of new and updated books.

Our library is also in need of parent volunteers who can donate 30 minutes or more each week to facilitate a valuable library experience for all students. Our wonderful volunteers may help by re-shelving books, assisting students to locate particular books, or teaching students to use the computer catalog system. If you can give at least 30 minutes per week, please contact the school librarian to volunteer.

Birthday Book Club

Your birthday is a special one! In honor of your birthday, you may wish to participate in the Mabel Paine Library Book Club. This program involves donating a NEW book of your choice to the library at any time during the school year. A special bookplate will be placed inside the book with your name, your birthday, and the school year on it. The Mabel Paine Library has a special Birthday Banner where your name will be placed under your birthday month.

You may purchase the book at your favorite book store, but keep in mind that the Mabel Paine Book Fair will be open on Back-to-School Night. This is a great opportunity to donate a book to your library and support your Mustangs at the same time! The Mabel Paine Library will have a book donation box at the Book Fair with a wish list if you need some ideas.

If you should decide to participate in the Birthday Book Club, please fill out the form below and return it with your donated book to the library. Extra forms are always available in the library. Thank you for your participation and happy birthday!


Luanne Sofka, Mabel Paine Librarian