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Mindful Mustangs

Mabel Paine’s PBIS System of Supports

Through our Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) system, we ask all of our students to be Mindful Mustangs.

Mindful Mustangs do the RIGHT thing in the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time.


To that end, we have a school-wide matrix that details specific behavior expectations in various areas around campus; a poster that includes our definition of Mindful Mustangs; and positive behavior tickets called Mustang Money (see below) that teachers and support staff can give in any venue around campus to reward students for showing that they are Mindful Mustangs. This money can be spent on incentives both in the classroom and on campus, as well as on items in our new Student Store, brought to us by PTA. In addition, students who earn fewer than 10 strikes will earn the right to participate in a party each trimester (see information on strikes below). Party themes will be developed with students and parents throughout the year. Our first-trimester party is a Pizza Party!

When students are not following the school-wide expectations, we have consequences supported by forms:

    • Behavior Ticket -- students who continue to behave inappropriately after a verbal warning will earn this. Behavior Tickets are equal to one strike each.
    • Behavior Reflection Form (grades 1-2, grades 3-5) and Behavior Citation-- students who repeatedly behave inappropriately or who have a more severe breach of conduct complete one of these, take it home for a parent signature, and return it to their teacher or the office (see form for details). Failure to return a reflection form or behavior citation will result in further consequences. Reflection forms are equal to three strikes each. Behavior citations are equal to five strikes each.
    • Office Referral -- students who are referred to the office will talk with the principal and, depending on the infraction, may earn a citation, detention, and/or suspension. Office referrals are five strikes each.

In order to help our students understand this system of supports, we have devoted a special morning at the beginning of the year to Behavior Expectations Rotations (map of rotations). Teachers, parent volunteers, and support staff help to walk students to each of these rotations around campus. We hope you’ll join us! These rotations are followed later in the week by a Behavior Expectations Assembly for each of the grade level groups.