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Parking Lot Rules

All parents who do not use the drive-thru lane in the lower parking lot should park on the street and walk their child to the main gate or kindergarten gate in the morning. Please do not park in the u-shaped “horseshoe” driveway at the north end of campus. This driveway is solely used for buses and valet drop-off for our Preppy K, Kindergarten, and special education SDC students. Cars should not be left unattended in any driveway and may receive a ticket from O.C. Sheriffs who frequent our campus.

In the afternoon, (grades 1-5) parents walking in to pick up their students should park on the street and wait below the steps outside of the MPR door next to the flagpole. All students being picked up by their parents on foot will wait in the MPR until their parent arrives. Students who are being picked up in the valet line will report to the lower gate/grass area. Teachers will be at both locations to dismiss the students directly to their families.

For everyone’s safety, please ensure that:

  • The horseshoe lot is for Preppy K, Kindergarten, and SDC pick-up/drop-off ONLY.
  • Students exit the car on the sidewalk side only after reaching the sidewalk (not on the blacktop).
  • Cars pull all the way forward in our yellow zone before dropping off or picking up.
  • Cars stop for pedestrians and do not block the crosswalks.
  • Cars do not block buses.
  • Pedestrians use crosswalks only to cross the lot/street.
  • Students who are walking should come through the MPR (no climbing on railings).