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Special Education

The special education services provided for identified students are the Resource Specialist Program (RSP), Speech and Language, Occupational Therapy (OT), Adaptive Physical Education (APE), and Itinerant Hearing Impaired and Vision Impaired Therapy Programs.


The services of the school psychologist at Mabel Paine focus upon the unique needs or concerns of students, staff, and parents. Delivery of services may include individual psycho-educational assessment for those students referred for possible learning disabilities, monitoring of students in Special Education, and consulting to staff and parents regarding learning style, material modification, behavior management, and self-esteem of students.

The school has an established Student Study Team. Any time a teacher or parent has a concern regarding academic, social, emotional, or physical development; the concern should first be referred to and addressed by the classroom teacher. The teacher will implement interventions as needed to assist the student. After interventions have been implemented, a student may then be referred to the school Student Study Team for further consideration. The psychologist, speech/language specialist, resource specialist, administrator, referring teacher, and, as appropriate, the parent and/or others working with the student are part of the team effort in meeting a student’s unique needs.