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Student Dress Rules

The school needs your cooperation in building standards of dress and grooming among pupils. There is usually a distinct correlation between a well-groomed and carefully dressed student and academic and social success. Children are to be dressed in clothing and footwear that allows them to participate in the games and activities that are part of the active elementary school program

Students shall wear appropriate clothing and footwear and groom themselves for school in a manner that does not offend the rules of decency, reflect negatively on or detract from any phase of the educational program, or present a hazard to health or safety. Students in violation of dress code guidelines MAY NOT ATTEND CLASS.

The guidelines listed below are considered minimum standards, and parents are encouraged to set standards for their own students which may be more restrictive than those indicated in this code. The following articles of clothing are not appropriate for school:

  • Strapless tops or dresses of any kind and bare midriff tops
  • Short shorts – Shorts should be mid-thigh or longer
  • Torn or frayed clothing
  • Shoes with any type of wheels
  • Hats/caps (sun-protective clothing is allowed for outdoor use). Hats/Caps are not to be worn inside the classrooms or other school buildings.
  • Tight or very baggy or sagging bottom-wear – All pants, shorts, skirts, and skorts must fit properly at the waist. Bottom-wear should be appropriately belted and secured at the waist so it does not fall below the top of the hip.
  • Haircut (e.g. Mohawks), hair coloring, clothing, jewelry, fads, etc., which bring undue attention to the wearer and/or is a distraction in the class or on the playground, are prohibited. Extremes in dress which detract from the learning environment or which are unsafe are also not allowed.
  • Strapless sandals, flip-flops, go-aheads, etc., which are not securely fastened to the foot, are prohibited. Strapless shoes can pose a real safety hazard at school. High heels are also not allowed.
  • Any apparel with inappropriate logos or slogans containing, but not limited to, the following: beer or alcohol, tobacco, drug advertisements; sexual/profane language implication; cult implications; violence.

Note: If students are not dressed in an appropriate manner for school and if their dress disrupts the education of other students, they will be asked to call home for a change of clothing.